Our History

The Louisiana Mortgage Lenders Association has grown in membership strength steadily and is the successor organization of the Louisiana Mortgage Bankers Association formed in 1948 and the Louisiana Association of Mortgage Brokers formed in 1994. LMLA members currently originate and/or service multi-millions of dollars in residential and commercial loans across the state. These loans are made to build or purchase homes, apartments, office buildings and shopping centers while providing jobs for substantial numbers of workers throughout the state.

Member firms consist of mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, banks, and savings and loan associations that are doing business in Louisiana. Other members are business organizations active in the mortgage lending business such as title companies, credit unions, mortgage insurance companies, law firms and consultants.

Government Relations

The Louisiana Mortgage Lenders Association represents the real estate finance industry before the legislature, government agencies, and other groups that influence public policy. A Legislative Counsel, assisted by the Legislative Committee, works on behalf of the needs of the membership. Both serve to identify public issues impacting the industry and to steer membership and legislative activity. Legislative updates keep members abreast of legislation affecting the industry at the state level.

While there is no substitute of effective lobbying, the LMLA often swings into action to guide member firms in providing the “grassroots” influence that is important to legislators.